Who can complain?

You can complain if you are dissatisfied with the following from Metropolitan:

  • We have failed to keep our end of an agreement, law, rule or code of conduct which binds us.
  • We have failed to take action or have caused personal harm, prejudice, distress or a substantial inconvenience.
  • We have treated you unfairly.

When it comes to lodging a complaint with us, the complainant can be anyone of the following:

  • A policy owner or the policy owner’s successor.
  • A beneficiary on the policy or the said beneficiary’s successor.
  • A person whose life is insured under the policy.
  • A person that pays a premium towards a policy with us.
  • A member of the Metropolitan Provident/Pension funds or a member of the Metropolitan Life Retirement Annuity Fund.
  • A potential policyholder or potential member whose dissatisfaction is related to a specific application, approach, solicitation, advertising or marketing material.

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