Millions of South Africans have not received payouts from savings or insurance policies because they haven’t claimed their benefits or they can’t be found. We are going out of our way to find and pay our clients what is due to them.

You can watch some of our beneficiaries’ stories below:

If you are not sure whether you or a family member has unclaimed benefits due to you, you can take the following steps to check:

  • Request your financial adviser to check your ID number or the ID number of your family member with any financial services provider you have had a policy with in the past.

  • If a family member has passed away, you can check if they may have unclaimed benefits accrued to them from any financial services provider.

  • Make an effort to update your contact details on a regular basis, especially when those details change.

To check whether you are due any unclaimed benefits at Metropolitan, please call 0860 724 724, email unclaimed@metropolitan.co.za or fill in your details below.

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