My People are My Everything

My People My Everything

The people in our lives, past and present, paint a complex but beautiful canvas that forms the backdrop of who we are.

So much of the learning and growth we experience throughout our lives happens outside conventional learning environments. It happens at home when we are children. It happens in our workplaces, in our friendships, and in our families. It can even happen unintentionally when we aren’t paying attention, by simply observing others being themselves.

Who do you consider to have influenced and shaped who you are today? What role have they played? Have you thought about what life would have been like if it weren’t for them? Recognising the power of this collective shaping of our lives, Metropolitan has launched an inspiring campaign dubbed #MyPeopleMyEverything.  The campaign encourages South Africans to acknowledge and celebrate the people who have shaped their lives. It kicks off with a TV advert directed by award winning Director, Zwelethu Radebe which shows a young lady who is thanking people for helping her in realising her dreams. The campaign will be anchored by a digi-series that will see real-life groups from various walks of life engaging in conversation by sharing the power of their collective on the Metropolitan Facebook page.

"In a society where individualism is often conveyed and encouraged, we forget that we are surrounded by people who shape how we think, feel, and react," says Nontokozo Madonsela, Chief Marketing Officer at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. "Alone, life can be intimidating, scary and limiting, but when we tap into each other by actively engaging or simply observing, we achieve so much more. Through this campaign, Metropolitan wants people to know that they are not alone and that the people around us, our collective, make all the difference. As much as we think we do life alone, we have people making an impact and shaping us. These people can be friends, family, colleagues or random strangers that we meet."

The #MyPeopleMyEverything campaign will be telling stories about the power of the collective from different perspectives. The campaign will showcase how important it is to understand the value that our people have on our growth as individuals – and vice versa. These moments enrich our lives, grooming us to be better individuals in society. Metropolitan understands that life becomes better and more enriched when we tap into each other and work together.  And with this campaign, Metropolitan demonstrates that together we can.

The campaign is focused on three pillars, the first reflects on what the collective gives, how its influence has enriched the individual; the second looks at bringing one’s collective together so that they can further share their own experiences and stories of influence; and lastly, the last pillar will look at how Metropolitan inspires the power of the collective and how it seeks to on helping individuals with their life goals; making the collective better. "Through the campaign, Metropolitan seeks to inspire participation in collectives by enabling conversations to take place on Metropolitan platforms. The purpose is to not only acknowledge and celebrate the impact our people have on us, but to also enrich and empower the groups of people we care about," Madonsela says.


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