Every year, the cost of living rises and this includes the costs associated with a funeral. Metropolitan can help your funeral cover keep up with inflation.

Our Automatic Inflation Management (AIM) benefit helps protect your policy against inflation by increasing your premium and cover each year.

At Metropolitan we understand that it matters that you and your loved ones get the dignified funeral you deserve.

That is why we are offering you this AIM benefit.

How does it work?
Once a year, the cover levels of all your benefits will automatically increase.

This increase is designed to help protect your funeral cover against future increases in the cost of a funeral, also known as inflation.

You can choose one of two options. For each option, your premium and cover will increase by the percentage chosen.

You can choose:
Option 1:   6% – Premium increases by 6% and cover increases by 4.2%
Option 2:   10% – Premium increases by 10% and cover increases by 7%

You can skip the annual AIM increases as many times as you want, but you must tell Metropolitan if you want to skip AIM increases.

AIM will not apply if:

  • You choose to cancel AIM
  • You are asked to skip the next AIM increase
  • Your stop order agency does not allow AIM increases
  • Your plan is eventually paid up

If you have the Paid-up benefit on the member reaching retirement age and you want to protect your cover against inflation, you will need to add the AIM benefit at least five years before you reach your retirement age.

To add the AIM benefit, complete the form below:

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