Principles and Practices of Financial Management

Welcome to Metropolitan’s information pages on the PPFM. The information aims to inform you of what you need to know when buying a discretionary participation product. This is in line with Directive 147.A.i LT of the Financial Services Board which seeks to promote transparency, good governance and fairness in the management of discretionary participation products.

But what exactly is a discretionary participatory product?
These are products that rely on Metropolitan’s ability to use its discretion (decide what is in the best interest of the policyholder) to manage them with regards to investment, smoothing and bonus declarations.

2018 will see changes being made to the PPFM to ensure that your financial wellness journey is even better supported.

In the 2018 PPFM client communication below, we explain how we will change the way we manage small funds, the changes to our investment philosophy as well as the change of our yearly bonus declaration date.

The client letter outlines the changes to be made to the PPFM from 30 June 2018:

For reference, we have retained the 2011 detailed PPFM for comparison against the newly revised PPFM, which becomes effective on 30 June 2018.

We also have a client summary that provides a high level overview of the PPFM below.