Policy cancellation

Below are some of the commonly asked questions when it comes to cancelling your policy. Here’s what you need to know…

If I cancel my policy on and before the 15th of any month, how long will I still be covered for?

You will be covered until the end of the month in which you submitted the cancellation.

Should I cancel my policy on the 14th of a month, can I expect a refund?

You are covered until the end of that month. If the waiting period has expired and premiums are up to date, the premiums we received after the month of cancellation will be paid back to you.

Should I cancel my policy and I never missed a premium, do I get all my premiums or a percentage of them back?

No premiums are refundable; your funeral benefit is a pure risk and not a savings policy. Metropolitan would have been obligated to pay in the event of any claims which arise prior to cancellation.

Can I change my mind if I have already cancelled my policy?

Yes, you can request to reinstate your policy within the 30 day cooling off period.

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