When should I update my policy?

Your life is always changing, and there are certain events that happen that should trigger you to have a look at your insurance policies to make sure that you are still covered for all your needs. Good financial practice is to update your policy yearly as your premiums increase, but the following are also good factors to trigger you to update your policy:

When your marital status changes

If you are recently married or divorced, you may need to relook your insurance and the amount that you are covered for.

When your employment changes

Whether you may be earning more money and need to cover your family for more, or you are joining a company with a different benefit structure, you will need to have a look and adjust your current policy.

When you have a child or children

Anytime you add a child to your family you need to consider the various policies you have. Your policies will have to be adjusted in order to make provision for your children.

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