About Us

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Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Ltd is not a newcomer to the Ghana life insurance industry. Having officially received its operating licence from the National Insurance Commission on the 23rd February 2006, the company is born out of the composite insurer, Metropolitan Insurance Company Limited.

This new company, Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Ltd, has been formed as a joint venture between Metropolitan Insurance Company Limited of Ghana and Metropolitan Holdings Limited of South Africa.

The new company enjoys the financial strength of a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed-company that has been doing business in Africa for more than a century. The combined forces of local market knowledge and foreign expertise will ensure success for Metropolitan Life Ghana and all of its stakeholders. 

Metropolitan Life Ghana will use its risk management expertise to ensure that the issues affecting life companies in the Ghanaian market are managed in a way that protects the interests of policyholders and shareholders. Metropolitan has always been a leader in the development of affordable financial solutions and our expertise has already found its way in the products developed for the Ghanaian market.

The Metropolitan Life Ghana product set addresses the needs of Ghanaian corporates, brokers and individuals through a range of new generation life, investment and retirement products that address the needs of the Ghanaian life insurance market. You'll get a glimpse of that by visiting the Individual Products and Business Solutions pages on this website.

Metropolitan Life Ghana's ability to provide an efficient service to brokers and policyholders is the result of combining modern, flexible and integrated administration platforms with people skills and an investment in the capabilities of our staff through training.

Please contact us by e-mail at info@metropolitan.com.gh to discuss your needs.

You will not be disappointed!